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 Rules of Open Ground

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Rules of Open Ground Empty
PostSubject: Rules of Open Ground   Rules of Open Ground Icon_minitimeMon Apr 20, 2009 12:32 am

These are the forums rules

1. Respect everyone's opinions no matter what you are allowed to dicuss and politley debate topics

2. No naked or half-naked pictures or links tosites containing naked or half-naked pictures

3. No abusive or violent posting or moderate argueing with other members

4. No abusive personal messages

5. Bullying of any form is not tolerated if you feel you are being bullied contact me via private message immediatley

6. Before creating a topic make sure no other of the same kind already exists

7. When posting images make sure that they are no larger than 640px if they are larger than this then post the link

8. No file sharing whatsoever I'm not being fined for your illegal activities if you are caught doing this then you will be banned

9. Do not spam as you will be reported straight away

10. I don't mind if you swear, swearing is tolerable to a certain extent so don't go over the top

11. Have fun and enjoy yourself as that is what you're here for

(The rules are from Chalice of Femme Metal, we'll change them to our own when the time comes, thanks Tayla!)
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Rules of Open Ground
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