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 MCD-Interria (Review by And2DieIsEasy)

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PostSubject: MCD-Interria (Review by And2DieIsEasy)   MCD-Interria (Review by And2DieIsEasy) Icon_minitimeFri May 01, 2009 1:44 am

MCD-Interria (Review by And2DieIsEasy) Mcd10
1. Mindustrial (04:19)
2. L'impact (04:22)
3. Splendide unité (05:55)
4. Abrasif (05:33)

The song starts off with a fast and heavy beat. The beat also showcases the bands use of electro sounds which are heard throughout the song. A few seconds later Jenni joins in with her powerful but semi-weak voice. It was very easy to tell when the singers was reaching for a note. Another downside was the music overtook the vocals making it hard to hear Jenni at times.

Moving on the lyrics are written in the bands native french. While I prise them for sticking to their roots I have to scold Interria for forgetting about non-french speakers. Lyrics help make a song and if you can't understand the lyrics you not going to listen to more of the band.

Now things start to cool down. Or so it seems.

We hear the song begain at a slow pace with electronic effects. Than things start to speed up.
The drumming in this track is easy to hear and brings gives the headbaging beats. I find that guitars however have simple but complicated rhythms . Half way through the song things slow down again but just as fast pick up yet again. Dispute the urge to headbang I find this song to carry some mellow moods.

Than I can't help but wish Jenni wouldn't reach so much. At times it was rather painful to listen to her. I couldn't help but wonder was she whining at points? Because it sure sounded like it. On a happy note for enligsh speakers we did have a few english parts in the song.

Splendide unité
I have to say that personally this is the best track off the cd.

We begain with a slow opening while the drumming slowly speeds up and than everything else joins in. Its not the heaviest track but its good enough. This time the guitars provide much of the heavy beats. The once hidden keyboardist Julie is suddenly there. Julie provided a backbone for the music without being invisble this time. When everything goes slow this time it sounds befitting with the music onstead of out of place as with L'Impact. The track ends with the band going super fast and super powerful.

Jenni did indeed give her best performance on this song. While it was easy to hear her reaching over and over she did it in a way that went with the song. Her voice showed the ability to go soft and light which I would like to hear her do more often.

The lyrics were good wrote in both english and french and provided the world info on just what the song was really about.

When the song first begin I thought the band had turned rock. In fact the whole song sounded like Nickelback trying to be at their hardest. I really can't say anything good about this song.

For the entire cd I have to say 3/5.
The lyrics and vocalist simply brought everything else down.
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MCD-Interria (Review by And2DieIsEasy)
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